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Dec 3, 2015 | written by Adam Cherrington
Peaceful Chinese family man Fan Jinghui brutally slaughtered by Isis calls for discussion over why China should bomb targets in Syria and Iraq.

Fan Jinghui
Photo: AP

The savage attack and cold-blooded execution of 50-year-old family man Fan Jinghui from Beijing took place days before the Paris terror attacks which claimed 129 innocent souls and left hundreds severely wounded.

     Fan was kidnapped, beaten severely and humiliated, with the words “CHINESE PRISONER FOR SALE” written below a photograph of poor Fan in the latest Isis propaganda magazine ‘Dabiq’. Fan was a high school teacher and taught children in Beijing, and later worked as a freelance advertising consultant. He was much loved by his students, colleagues and family. But despite this horrific violence which demands swift justice be brought upon the terrorist group, the Chinese government have covered up Fan’s death to avoid taking any further action. However, despite this non-interference foreign policy, steps must now be taken to repel this inevitable invasion into Chinese soil as Muslim extremists move further east into Afghanistan, causing much cause for concern throughout China.

     The terrorists are posing an increasing risk as they encroach upon China’s borders. Isis, who are now foolishly threatening Chinese citizens, are coming closer to provoking an all-out war with China. Boasting an army of 200 million, Isis are no match for the sleeping dragon, and perhaps this foolish act of aggression will persuade the people of China to join in the fight and finally put an end to these barbaric monsters, restoring peace among nations around the world and gaining them a great victory.

     For years Chinese citizens have been kidnapped and killed in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan, among other places. But now attacks are becoming more frequent in China itself, with Xinjiang being a primary target and the 2013 Tiananmen Square terror attack with a car which was set ablaze and driven into a crowd of tourists. Another twenty-nine commuters were massacred last year and 130 maimed with knifes at a train station in Kunming. How long will the Chinese government continue to sit back and do nothing while its citizens are being massacred?

     Should China continue to remain on the sidelines and cover up these acts of war which are now threatening their own countrymen, or is it about time military action was taken to thwart the Islamic State aggressors and repel this invasion into Chinese soil? Perhaps more consideration should be shown to the families of the victims involved by bringing their killers to justice.

Fan Jinghui
50, from Beijing
Fan Jinghui
Photo: AP